January 16th 2012
Little Harbor and Amphibolite Facies

The day started off chilly and windy by Little Harbor beach, but there was no rain, so no complaints. We arrived at low tide so we were able to crawl around to the other side of the exposure and were able to get some matrix! We collected more samples than I expected to and I think that will complete the sample set for my thesis project (YAY!).


Next we were on the hunt for more blocks and rinds of amphibolites. We found a few blocks but most of the once weren't just right for sampling, but we did get some. One looks like it will be easier to sample with the saw so hopefully it will be fixed and back up and running so we can try it out again tomorrow. After lunch we got a nice big piece of block core and rind to break off but we had to make it smaller so it was more manageable. This part was fun...

"The Hammer"
"The Arm"

the leg

We did finally get the rock smaller and took those pieces home. Finished up the day by assembling more boxes and organizing more samples for shipment.