Our plan today was to revisit the Buffalo Springs Amphibolite facies and sample some blocks and rinds. We got the rock saw to work with some coaxing, but the excitement quickly faded after we couldn't get it to start back up after the third cut. We were hoping that by using the saw we could just get some nice slabs showing the rind and block contact. Even with the cuts it was difficult to remove the rock in a few nice pieces and it quickly turned into the 3D rock puzzle, very frustrating. Instead we just stuck with using a hammer and chisel. 

We ate lunch at the Airport in the Sky to boost our spirits and then continued to Rippers Cove (picture below) to hopefully have more luck. This locality was much better and we collected plenty of nice garnet amphibolite samples that were very heavy and had to carry back to the car.  Despite the slow start this morning I still think it was a good day. Hopefully we have better luck with the saw the next time!

Rippers Cove