Catherine Anne Hier-Majumder (1974-2006)

PhD 2003, University of Minnesota


Carnegie Institution


* Hier-Majumder, C. A.; Travis, B. J.; Belanger, E; Richard, G.; Vincent, A.P.; Yuen, D. A. (2006). Efficient sensitivity analysis for flow and transport for the Earth's crust and mantle. Geophysical Journal International. Vol. 166(2): 907-922.

* Hier-Majumder, C. A.; Yuen, Belanger, E.; DeRosier, S.; D. A.; Vincent, A. P. (2005). Data assimilation for plume models. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics. Vol. 12: 257-267.

* Hier-Majumder, C. A.; Yuen, D. A.; Vincent, A. P. (2004). Four dynamical regimes for a starting plume. Physics of Fluids. Vol. 16: 1516-1531.

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* Onishi, Y.; Trent, D. S.; Yokuda, S. T.; Hier-Majumder, C. A.; Martinen, E. W.; and Rieck, C. A. (2003). Optimal pump elevation and configuration for mixing erosion-resisting radioactive tank waste. Proceedings of FEDSM'03. FEDSM2003-45502.

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Invited Talks

Interiors of Planetary Bodies: Formation of Iron Cores in Terrestrial Planets and Methods for Characterizing Interiors of Extrasolar Planets, University of Maryland, College Park, November 11, 2005.

Core Formation in Planets and Mercury’s Core, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, September 19, 2005.

Finite Prandtl Convection; Department of Geological Sciences, Brown University; July 12, 2005.

Convection in fluids with large, but finite Prandtl numbers; Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, University of California; March, 29, 2005.

Advances in visualization and numerical simulation: Examples from finite Prandtl convection, wavelets analysis, and dark streaks on Mars; Lunar and Planetary Institute; February 4, 2004.

Advances in numerical modeling and visualization: Examples from finite Prandtl number convection and nuclear waste tank mixing; Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; December 5, 2003.


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