Saswata Hier-Majumder

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Magma nanotube.

Congratulations Dr. Drombosky
April, 2014
Tyler Drombosky successfully defended his thesis on April 4th, 2014. In his doctoral dissertation, Tyler developed a novel technique for modeling microstructure in deforming, partially molten rocks at the base of the Earth's tectonic plates. Tyler will move on to work at Luminal.

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Subsurface ocean in Triton.

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How to run your code in the Geophysics cluster

Documentation for ROPT (ROck Physics Toolbox), Reference manual

Two-phase flow code documentation

GNU make manual

PETSC 3.0 user's manual

Simple makefile examples using F90 codes

Download some simple Fortran90 codes. There are a few matrix manipulation tricks with cshift, pack, unpack and matmul. A simple example of mesh regeneration using pointer functions to prevent memory leak is also included.

Download sample programs from the book Using MPI.

Deal II tutorials.

A number of tutorials and introductions to sed, the streaming editor.

Tutorials on Doxygen, a document generating system for codes.