ROck Physics Toolbox  1.0
A microgeodynamics-based toolkit for rock physics.
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regional.f90 File Reference

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Data Types

module  regional
 This module contains data types and functions applicable to the region of interest. Each location in the region is assigned a unit cell, which contains the physical properties. The parameters for the equation of state of the melt phase are stored in the derived type MAGMA. It is assumed that only one kind of melt exists in the region. Three dimensional location of each point in the region are stored in the array LOC. Typically this data is stored as lat,lon, depth (km). The variable composition is also regional, it contains the basalt fraction of the bulk ocmposition and the average potential temperature of the region. Created by Saswata Hier-Majumder August, 2012.!<. More...
type  regional::region