ROck Physics Toolbox  1.0
A microgeodynamics-based toolkit for rock physics.
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regional::region Type Reference

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Public Attributes

integer ngrid
type(composition) comp
type(unit_cell), dimension(:),
type(melt) magma
real(sp), dimension(:,:), pointer loc
real(sp), dimension(:,:), pointer topo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file regional.f90.

Member Data Documentation

type(unit_cell), dimension(:), pointer regional::region::cell

Definition at line 20 of file regional.f90.

type(composition) regional::region::comp

Definition at line 19 of file regional.f90.

real(sp), dimension(:,:), pointer regional::region::loc

Definition at line 22 of file regional.f90.

type(melt) regional::region::magma

Definition at line 21 of file regional.f90.

integer regional::region::ngrid

Definition at line 18 of file regional.f90.

real(sp), dimension(:,:), pointer regional::region::topo

Definition at line 23 of file regional.f90.

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