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Data Types

interface  global::solve
interface  global::assemble
interface  global::interface
interface  global::advect
interface  global::visc


module  global


REAL(sp), dimension(size(phi) global::visc_vec (phi)
REAL(sp) global::visc_scal (phi)
subroutine global::grid (dx, x)
REAL(sp), dimension(size(x) global::st (x)
REAL(sp), dimension(size(x) global::st1 (x)
REAL(sp), dimension(size(x) global::gam (x)
subroutine global::bpecalc (d, bondall, peall, L, eta0)
REAL(sp), dimension(num) global::linspace (startval, endval, num)


REAL(sp) global::n = 1.0_sp
REAL(sp) global::drho = 0.0_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::dtfac = 1e-5_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::theta = 0
REAL(sp), parameter global::gam0 = 1e-3_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::rhos = 1.0_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::rhol = 1.0_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::c0 = 0.5_sp
REAL(sp), parameter global::w00 = 1e-4
REAL(sp), parameter global::phitol = 1.e-10
REAL(sp), parameter global::veltol = 1.e-10
REAL(sp), parameter global::phi0 = 0.01
INTEGER(I4B), parameter global::nz = 150

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