Saswata Hier-Majumder

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Magma nanotube.


Triton's subsurface ocean
September, 2012
Here's another article in astrobilogy magazine discussing the implications of Jodi Gaeman's research on a possible subsurface ocean in Triton on extraterrestrial life.

The outermost ocean in our solar system
May, 2012
A recent article in Icarus, led by former graduate student Jodi Gaeman suggests the presence of an ocean under the icy shell of Neptune's moon, Triton. If present, this ocean will be the outermost known ocean in our solar system. At an average temperature of -97° C, this ammonia-rich ocean was sustained over 4.5 billion years by tidal blanketing and readiogenic heating.
Read more about this research in this New Scientist article.

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Subsurface ocean in Triton.

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We are interested in the dynamics and evolution of the deep interior of the Earth and other planets. Currently, the members of our group are working on a number of different projects including developing new numerical tools to model multiphase flow, structure and dynamics of melt reservoirs at the core-mantle boundary, physical properties of partially molten rocks, interaction between deformation and melt migration, coupled thermal and orbital evolution of planets, and chemical signature of fluid flow during contact metamorphism of crustal rocks.
We are always looking for new undergraduate and graduate members of the group. We also welcome collaboration with high school science teachers from Montgomery and Prince George's county schools.

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