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Magma nanotube.

Congratulations Dr. Drombosky
April, 2014
Tyler Drombosky successfully defended his thesis on April 4th, 2014. In his doctoral dissertation, Tyler developed a novel technique for modeling microstructure in deforming, partially molten rocks at the base of the Earth's tectonic plates. Tyler will move on to work at Luminal.

Links to old news from our group.

Subsurface ocean in Triton.

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Triton's subsurface ocean
September, 2012
Here's another article in astrobilogy magazine discussing the implications of Jodi Gaeman's research on a possible subsurface ocean in Triton on extraterrestrial life.

The outermost ocean in our solar system
May, 2012
A recent article in Icarus, led by former graduate student Jodi Gaeman suggests the presence of an ocean under the icy shell of Neptune's moon, Triton. If present, this ocean will be the outermost known ocean in our solar system. At an average temperature of -97° C, this ammonia-rich ocean was sustained over 4.5 billion years by tidal blanketing and readiogenic heating.
Read more about this research in this New Scientist article.
Undergraduate research opportunity
June, 2012
Two undergraduate research assistantships are available in computational geophysics.
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Online lectures
January, 2012
The University of Maryland has launched a new Blended Learning initiative to develop innovative learning opportunities for students. I am teaching one of the first ten Blended Learning courses in Spring 2012. Download or stream the online lecture contents here.

Congratulations Graduates
December, 2011
Jodi Gaeman and Jesse wimert defended their Master's theses. Jodi's thesis demonstrates that an ocean might exist beneath the icy shell of Neptune's moon Triton. Jesse's new model of melt microstructure show that the UltraLow Velocity Zones in the Earth's core-mantle boundary likely consists of a modest amount of melting.

The August 23 Earthquake
August, 2011
On August 23, an M5.9 earthquake rocked the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. This earthquake was caused by thrusting motion on a nearly N-S trending fault in the Central Virgina Seismic Zone. Check out the USGS website for more information on this earthquake. Also you can download some geological information on this earthquake here.

International Geodynamics Workshop
February, 2011
The 12th International Workshop on Modeling of Mantle Convection and Lithospheric Dynamics will be held at Groß DÖlln , ( english translation by google) Germany. Visit the conference webpage for preregistration and logistical information.

AGU 2010
December, 2010
Undergraduate Matt Abbott, graduates students Jesse Wimert and Jodi Gaeman (presenting a collaborative work with Justin Desha-Overcash), and Sash will present their results at this year's fall AGU. Stay tuned for our posters.

Dynamic CMB
November, 2010
Two recent articles, one by our group and another by Allen Mcnamara and coauthors, demonstrate that the topography and structure of the seismic low velocity zones at the core-mantle boundary are linked with mantle convection. Read more.

Water cyclists reunite
November, 2010
A research group studying the relationship between plate tectonics and the Earth's water cycle is gathering at UMD. This project is a continuation of the 2010 CIDER summer program.

Wetting melts
September, 2010
Undergraduate student Matt Abbott's research shows wetting angle of partial melts significantly alter seismic velocities of partially molten rocks. Read more.

Visualization workshop
May, 2010
We held a workshop on scientific visualization for local high school science teachers in May, 2010.
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Lithium isotope
April, 2010
Graduate student Xiaoming Liu's work combining geochemical analysis and geophysical modeling reveals complex isotopic signature resulting from ancient porous flow. Read more.