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Magma nanotube.

Congratulations Dr. Drombosky
April, 2014
Tyler Drombosky successfully defended his thesis on April 4th, 2014. In his doctoral dissertation, Tyler developed a novel technique for modeling microstructure in deforming, partially molten rocks at the base of the Earth's tectonic plates. Tyler will move on to work at Luminal.

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Subsurface ocean in Triton.

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GEOL120: Environmental Geology (Blended Learning Initiative *) (Spring 2012)
GEOL446: Geophysics (Fall 2010)
GEOL 499: Special Problems in Geology (2 students) (Fall 2010)
GEOL 789X: Physics of Planetary Interiors and Surfaces (Spring 2010) *
GEOL 120: Environmental Geology (Spring 2010)
GEOL446: Geophysics (Fall 2009)
Geology Seminar (Spring 2009)
GEOL 120: Environmental Geology (Spring 2009)
GEOL446: Geophysics (Fall 2008)
GEOL 789J: The fluid Earth (Spring 2008)
GEOL 120: Environmental Geology (Spring 2008)
GEOL 499: Special Problems in Geology (Fall 2007)
GEOL446: Geophysics (Fall 2007)
GEOL 789J: The fluid Earth (Spring 2007) *
GEOL446/ GEOL 789G: Geophysics (Fall 2006) *
* New Course at UMD