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Magma nanotube.

Congratulations Dr. Drombosky
April, 2014
Tyler Drombosky successfully defended his thesis on April 4th, 2014. In his doctoral dissertation, Tyler developed a novel technique for modeling microstructure in deforming, partially molten rocks at the base of the Earth's tectonic plates. Tyler will move on to work at Luminal.

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Subsurface ocean in Triton.

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Undergraduate Research Assistantships in the Magma Dynamics group

Scientific Visualization
This project involves developing visualization tools for microstructure in partially molten rocks. The input data, generated by microgeodynamic simulations, is available in vtk format. VTK (Visualization ToolKit), a C++ library, is a popular interface for scientific visualization. The project will involve developing filters for vtk through C++.
The candidate is required to have a strong programming background in C++ and/or Python in a Linux environment. Previous experience with vtk and/or Paraview is welcome, but not necessary.

Tidal Dissipation
This project involves numerical modeling of tidal heating in planetary interiors. The candidate will work on a collaborative project with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. The research will entail calculating and visualizing tidal heating profile in two and three dimensions for various orbital parameters.
The candidate needs to be well-versed with programming in C and modular programming with Makefile. A strong background in Linux is necessary. Previous knowledge of Geophysics, Planetary Sciences, or Astronomy is not necessary, but will be advantageous.

Please email me to set up an interview appointment.