Curriculum Vitae

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Scott A. Wipperfurth

Graduate Student

Department of Geology, University of Maryland-College Park

Office: CHEM 1225b ● Email:



Updated: April 2018




Ph.D, University of Maryland-College Park, May 2019 expected

    Adviser: William F. McDonough

    Project:  Crustal heat production and the estimated geoneutrino signal


B.Sc., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Geology, May 2014

     Adviser: Phillip D. Ihinger

     Project:  Characterization and Analysis of Hydrothermal Quart Crystals using FTIR Analysis





Wipperfurth, S.A., Guo, M., Šrámek, O., and McDonough, W.F., 2018, Earth’s chondritic Th/U: negligible fractionation during accretion, core formation, and crust - mantle differentiation, Submitted to Earth and Planetary Science Letters.


Strati, V., Wipperfurth, S.A., Baldoncini, M., Mantovani, F., and McDonough, W.F., 2017, Perceiving the crust in 3D: a model integrating geological, geochemical, and geophysical data, Geochemistry, Geophysyics, Geosystems, doi: 10.1002/2017GC007067


Šrámek, O., Roskovec, B., Wipperfurth, S.A., Xi, Y., and McDonough, W.F., 2016, Revealing the Earth's mantle from the tallest mountains using the Jinping Neutrino Experiment: Scientific Reports, 6, 33034. doi: 10.1038/srep33034


Baldoncini, M., Strati, V., Wipperfurth, S.A., Ricci, B., McDonough, W.F., Mantovani, F., and Fiorentini, G., 2016, Geoneutrinos and reactor antineutrinos at SNO+: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 718, 062003.  doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/718/6/062003


Li, V.A., Dorril, R., Duvall, M.J, Koblanski, J., Negrashov, S., Sakai, M., Wipperfurth, S.A., Engel, K., Jocher, G.R., Learned, J.G., Macchiarulo, L., Matsuno, S., McDonough, W.F., Mumm, H.P., Murillo, J., Nishimura, K., Rosen, M., Usman, S.M., Varner, G.S., 2016, Invited Article: miniTimeCube: AIP Review of Scientific Instruments, 87, 021301.  doi: 10.1063/1.4942243






2018: UMD All-S.T.A.R. Fellowship ($10,000)

2018: UMD ESSIC Travel Award ($140)

2017: UMD ESSIC Travel Award ($250)

2017: UMD Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant ($600)

2017: UMD International Conference Student Support Award

2017: NSF-East Asia Pacific Summer Institutes (+ JSPS Summer Program) Fellowship w/ U-Tohoku, Japan ($5,400 + ‎¥‎ 534,000)

    -- Re-evaluation of heat production in near-field crust surrounding the KamLAND detector

2016: Department of Energy/National Institute for Nuclear Physics Summer Exchange Program Fellowship w/ U-Ferrara, Italy (€5,000)

     -- Geochemical analysis and creation of SNO+ geologic model

2016: UMD Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship ($5,000)

     -- Collection and analysis of samples collected around Sudbury, Canada

2016: UMD International Conference Student Support Award

2014: UMD Deans Fellowship ($5,000)

2014: Excellence Award – UW-Eau Claire Dept. of Geology

2014: Excellence in Departmental Service – UW-Eau Claire Dept. of Geology

2014: Myers/Willis Field Camp Scholarship ($500)





2017-11-15 Charles University, Department of Geophysics, Constructing a global crustal heat production model: A merger of geochemistry and geophysics. (Prague, Czech Republic)


2017-07-23 Continental Margin in South China: Multidisciplinary frontiers in Neutrino Science, Perceiving the crust in 3D: A model integrating geological, geochemical, and geophysical data. (Beijing, China)


2016-10-26 International Workshop: Neutrino Research and Thermal Evolution of the Earth, How can heat flow heat up geoneutrino science? (Sendai, Japan)


2016-04-26 SNOLAB, Estimating the far-field continental geoneutrino signal. (Sudbury, Canada)


2016-03-17 University of Ferrara, Department of Physics and Earth Sciences, Estimating the continental geoneutrino signal. (Ferrara, Italy)





2017 (1 semester): GEOL 110 Physical Geology Laboratory

 -- Two laboratory sections of introductory course in Geology

2016-2018 (3 semesters): Field Camp Preparation Course

 -- Introduction to field methods for undergraduate students (4 lectures in Spring)

 -- I have been intrinsic in the development and continuation of this course

2015-2016 (2 semesters): GEOL 342 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (TA)

 -- Instructors: Dr. J. Alan Kaufman and Dr. John Merck

 -- Weekly three-hour laboratory + two field exercises

2014-2015 (2 semesters): GEOL 444 Low Temperature Geochemistry (TA)

 -- Instructor: Dr. James Farquhar

 -- Weekly three-hour wet chemistry laboratory




Primary Editor of Wikipedia Page: /wiki/Inverse Beta Decay





2018: Assisted 3rd grade visit to geology department (UMD)

2018 (ongoing): Mentor for KEMS -- Kids Excelling in Math and Science at Hyattsville Middle School (Maryland)

2018: Judge at Cherokee Lane Elementary School STEM Fair (Maryland)

2017: Hosted kindergarten class for geology presentation/rock show-and-tell (UMD)

2016: Geologic outreach at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School (Maryland)

2016: Judge at Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation STEM Fair (Maryland)

2015: Geologic outreach for Career Day at Seaton Elementary School (Washington, D.C.)

2013: Hosted screening of “Switch”, a documentary on renewable energy with ~150 person attendance (Wisconsin)

2013: Organized geology education booth for STEM days at Eau Claire County Fair, which is now an annual booth (Wisconsin)






2018, 8 Jul. – 3 Aug. Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER): Relating Geophysical and Geochemical Heterogeneity in the Deep Earth. Santa Barbara, CA, USA. (website)


2017, 11 Dec. Establishing and Sustaining an Undergraduate Research Program. AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA.  (website)


2016, 8-9 June SCEC Workshop on Establishing a Geologic Framework in Southern California. Pamona, CA, USA (website)





2017, 9-12 Jan.: Core-Mantle Coevolution: Origin and Evolution of Deep Primordial Reservoirs. Kusatsu, Japan (website)


2016, 11-21 July: Summer Institute: Using Particle Physics to Understand and Image the Earth. L’Aquila, Italy. (website)


2015, 28 Sept. – 9 Oct.: Doctoral Training: Internal Earth – Asthenosphere and Lithosphere.  Les Houche, France. (website)






9. Wipperfurth, S.A.*, Ondřej Šrámek, Bedřich Roskovec, Fabio Mantovani, and William F. McDonough, Updated reference model for lithospheric heat production and geoneutrino flux: EGU, April 8-13, 2018, Vienna, Austria. (poster)

8. Strati, V.*, Wipperfurth, S.A., Baldoncini, M., McDonough, W.F., and Mantovani, F., Integrating geological, geochemical and geophysical data and uncertainties into a coherent 3D model: EGU, April 8-13, 2018, Vienna, Austria. (oral)

7. Šrámek, O.*, Wipperfurth, S.A., Guo, M., and McDonough, W.F., Thorium and uranium power plate tectonics, but not the geodynamo: EGU, April 8-13, 2018, Vienna, Austria. (oral)

6. Wipperfurth, S.A.*, Ondřej Šrámek, Bedřich Roskovec, Fabio Mantovani, and William F. McDonough, Updated Reference Model for Heat Generation in the Lithosphere: AGU, Dec. 11-15, 2017, New Orleans, USA. (oral)

5. McDonough, W.F.*, Guo, M., and Wipperfurth, S.A., The Earth’s Thorium and Uranium Abundance and Distribution: AGU, Dec. 11-15, 2017, New Orleans, USA. (oral)

4. Wipperfurth, S.A.*, Lekic, V., and McDonough, W.F., Lithospheric heat production: calculating mantle heat flow from asthenospheric shear velocity variations: IAG-IASPEI, July 30 – Aug. 4, 2017, Kobe, Japan. (oral)

3. Wipperfurth, S.A. and McDonough, W.F.*, Upper-Crust Heat-Producing Element Abundance Inferred from Surface Heat Flux: Goldschmidt, June 26 – July 1 2016, Yokohama, Japan. (poster)

2. Wipperfurth, S.A.*, Brennan, D.T., and Ihinger, P.D., 2014, High-Resolution FTIR spectroscopic characterization of tessin quartz; Canton Ticino, Switzerland: GSA, Oct. 19-22 2014, Vancouver, Canada. (poster)

1. Wipperfurth, S.A.*, Lindblad, T.A., Johnson, A.C., and Ihinger, P.D., 2013, Tracking growth evolution in contemporaneous hydrothermal quartz: high resolution FTIR characterization of crystals sampled at Windgällenhütte, Switzerland: GSA, Oct. 27-30 2013, Denver, USA. (poster)





Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO)

Geological Society of America (GSA)

American Geophysical Union (AGU)

European Geosciences Union (EGU)




 Chemistry Building 1225b | University of Maryland-College Park | College Park, MD 20740


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