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Antineutrino Global Map (AGM2015)

      -From Usman et al. (2015) in Nature




USGS Radioactivity Maps of North America (OFR 2005-1413)

      - Uranium concentration Map in ppm (.kmz)

      - Thorium concentration Map in ppm (.kmz)

      - Potassium concentration Map in ppm (.kmz)



ArcGIS Map Viewer

      - This is a web-based topographic map viewer from ESRI.  This viewer allows you to view a topographic map anywhere within the United States.



USArray Station Map

    - Location map of every station from USArray, a seismic array which was moved across the united states.

      - World geologic map



AGM2015 Uranium concentration of North America World Geologic Map from


U concentration in North America

Educational Videos/Figures/Gifs


Geologic map of the World

Animation of vertical ground motion recorded using seismometers in the USArray.  Data depicts 6 earthquakes in the Gulf of California between 2007-2013.  Video Source.



Nuclear Data:

     - National Nuclear Data Center (NNDC)

      - Nuclear Data Center at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) (my favorite)


Geologic and Geophysics Databases and Models

      - CRUST 1.0 (CRUST 2.0, CRUST 5.0)

        -  LITHO 1.0

      - Global Heat Flow Database

      - NOAA Geology and Geophysics Data

      - IRIS Data



Geochemistry Databases

      - GeoReM

      - GEOROC

      - PetDB (actually a petrology database...)

Crustal thickness from CRUST models

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