Teaching and Outreach

GEOL 342: Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (Spring 2015 and 2016)

        Mentor: Dr. A. Jay Kaufman and Dr. John Merck

        Role: Teaching Assistant



GEOL 444: Low Temperature Geochemistry (Fall 2014 and 2015

        Mentor: Dr. James Farquhar

        Role: Teaching Assistant



Field Camp Prep. Course (Spring 2016;2017)

        Role: Co-organizer and teacher

          - Organized and instructed a preperation course to prepare ~ 10 undergraduate students for field camp

          - Consisted of 3 nightly sessions and a day long mapping/brunton field trip



SedStrat inspecting glacial geology in West Virginia Shallow marine carbonates in West Virginia

SedStrat students inspecting glacial diamictites and coal seams (some pyritized) along Corridor H in West Virginia.

SedStrat students inspecting shallow marine carbonates (with abundant burrow traces) along Corridor H in West Virginia.

Geologic outreach at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School

Mapping and Brunton exercise on UMD campus as part of Field Camp Prep course.

Shenanigans at UMD Maryland Day 2017.  We ran a fossil pit (among other activities) where children can dig for Miocene shark teeth. (photo courtesy of Todd Karwoski)

Geology education booth for STEM days at Eau Claire County Fair (UW-Eau Claire initiative) in 2013.  (I was showing a fossil footprint)

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