Teaching and Outreach

GEOL 110: Physical Geology Laboratory (Spring 2017)

        --Two laboratory sections of introductory course in Geology

        Role: Teaching Assistant


GEOL 342: Sedimentation and Stratigraphy (Spring 2015 and 2016)

        Mentor: Dr. A. Jay Kaufman and Dr. John Merck

        Role: Teaching Assistant


GEOL 444: Low Temperature Geochemistry (Fall 2014 and 2015)

        Mentor: Dr. James Farquhar

        Role: Teaching Assistant


Field Camp Prep. Course (Spring 2016;2018)

        Role: Co-organizer and teacher

          - Organized and instructed a preperation course to prepare ~ 10 undergraduate students for field camp

          - Consisted of 3 nightly sessions and a day long mapping/brunton field trip



Mentor Will pouring water on the water wheel made by students at Hyattsville Middle School during a Kids Excelling in Math and Science (KEMS) after-school session.  The waterwheel wrapped up a string with weight on the end, where the group who lifted the weight the heighest won! (fall 2018)

Myself showing students a stream table during a Kids Excelling in Math and Science (KEMS) after-school session.  At the beginning of the video students are feeling the hole left by the simulated waterfall. I made this stream table following http://www.mrhollisterphoto.com/stream-table.html. (fall 2018)

Maryland Day 2018 sand liquifaction

Showing Maryland Day visitors a sand liquefaction experiment whereby you blow air below the sand to simulate liquifaction. (made by myself and another student following link)(spring 2018)

Making a density column at Hyattsville Middle School as part of Kids Excelling in Math and Science (KEMS) program (spring2018)

SedStrat inspecting glacial geology in West Virginia Shallow marine carbonates in West Virginia

SedStrat students inspecting glacial diamictites and coal seams (some pyritized) along Corridor H in West Virginia.

SedStrat students inspecting shallow marine carbonates (with abundant burrow traces) along Corridor H in West Virginia.

Mapping and Brunton exercise on UMD campus as part of Field Camp Prep course (Spring 2016).

Geologic outreach at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School (Spring 2016)

WSSC Wastewater treatment plant

Shenanigans at UMD Maryland Day 2017 (April).  We ran a fossil pit (among other activities) where children can dig for Miocene shark teeth.

Geology education booth for STEM days at Eau Claire County Fair (UW-Eau Claire initiative) in 2013.  (I was showing a fossil footprint)

Kids Excelling in Math and Science (KEMS) field trip to local WSSC Wastewater Treatment Plant. The kids were disgusted by what is removed from waste water at this plant (lower left)... (fall 2018)

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