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Carly Maas

Graduate Student


CHM 1221A
Chemistry Building
8051 Regents Drive
College Park, MD 20742

(301) 405-3597Fax

maascm [at] umd [dot] edu



Research Interests

I am interested in understanding the impacts of freshwater salinization syndrome on the mobilization of nutrients and metals in urban streams and rivers in the D.C. Metropolitan area.


Maas, C.M., Anderson, W.P. Jr., Cockerill, K. (2021) Managing Stormwater by Accident: A Conceptual Study. Water. 13(11) 1492. DOI: 10.3390/w13111492

Kaushal, S.S., Likens, G.E., Pace, M.L., Reimer, J.E., Maas, C.M., Galella, J.G., Utz, R.M., Duan, S., Kryger, J.R., Yaculak, A.M., Boger, W.L., Bailey, N.W., Haq, S., Wood, K.L., Wessel, B.M., Park, C.E., Collison, D.C., Aisin, B. Y. ’aaqob I., Gedeon, T M., Chaudhary, S.K., Widmer, J., Blackwood, C.R., Bolster, C.M., Devilbiss, M.L., Garrison, D.L., Halevi, S., Kese, G.Q., Quach, E.K., Rogelio, C.M.P., Tan, M.L., Wald, H.J.S., Woglo, S.A. (2021) Freshwater salinization syndrome: From emerging global problem to managing risks. Biogeochemistry. DOI: 10.1007/s10533-021-00784-w