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Analyses Directions
If you would like us to analyze samples for you, please e-mail the contact person listed for a custom price quote depending on services required. In your e-mail, please include:
  • Number of samples (approximation OK)
  • Description of the type of samples
  • Timeline: By when will you need the data?
  • What pretreatment will be done in your lab?
  • Will you weigh your own samples, or will you want us to weigh them? (Additional charge for weighing.)
Analyte (preparation)
Method/ Calibration
Contact person
δ13C and δ18O of α-cellulose CO (pyrolysis at 1080oC)
CF-Isoprime 3
Evans et al (2016)
Mike Evans
δ13C (inorganic) and δ18O of carbonate CO2 (acidolysis at 60oC) CF-Isoprime 4 Evans et al (2016)
Mike Evans
δ13C (total or organic) and/or δ15N of rocks, sediment, etc. CO2 (combustion at 1040oC) CF-Isoprime 2
Jay Kaufman
δ34S of rocks, sediment, etc SO2 (combustion at 1030oC) CF-Isoprime 2
Jay Kaufman
δ34S, Δ33S, and Δ36S SF6
MAT 253
chemical preparation and fluorination
James Farquhar

Chemistry Building, Rms. 0233,0230, 0224, 1212,1214,1216
ph. 301.405.8611 (IRMS lab)
ph. 301.405.1116 (chemistry lab)

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