Department of Geology

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Analyses Directions
  • Atmospheric evolution (terrestrial samples and SNC/Martian meteorites)
  • Atmospheric deposition (environmental studies of nitrate and sulfate)
  • Co-evolution of life and the surface environment across critical transitions in the history of Earth and Life
  • Cosmochemistry (evolution of water early in solar system)
  • Determination of the changes in the isotopic composition of the oceans through time
  • Developing tools to investigate the antiquity of biological processes
  • Developing tools to investigate the flow of sulfur through geological, biological, and sedimentary systems
  • Experimental studies of photochemical mass-independent isotope effects
  • Multiple sulfur isotopes as a tracer of magma sources and surface sulfur in the Bushveld Complex
  • Paleoclimatic field reconstruction from sparse observational networks of proxy observations
  • Paleoclimatology of ENSO via high resolution light stable isotopic measurements in marine and terrestrial archives
  • Proxy system modeling: tree rings, coral isotopes, wood isotopes, wood density
  • Synthesis of marine conditions over the past 2000 years: The Ocean2K Project
  • Quantifying biogeochemical transformations in watersheds
  • Role of water in climate change processes on interannual to centennial timescales
  • Tracking sources of pollution using isotopic tracers
  • Tracking hydrologic sources and flowpaths in watersheds
  • Use of stable isotopes in long-term ecological research

Chemistry Building, Rms. 0233,0230, 0224, 1212,1214,1216
ph. 301.405.8611 (IRMS lab)
ph. 301.405.1116 (chemistry lab)
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