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Brief Responses to Climate Change Denialism Statements

CPSG 200 Science & Global Change Sophomore Colloquium

Humans Survived the Ice Age Before, so We Have Nothing to Worry About.

The human species has been evolving for the past 2.5 million years and in our current form, homo sapiens have been around for 200,000 years. While there have been many extreme climate changes since Earth was formed, our species has survived the changes for only a fraction of that total time. During the past 200,000 years, homo sapiens have survived two ice ages. While this fact shows humans have withstood extreme temperature changes in the past, humans have never seen anything like what is occurring now. As stated above, humans have only survived ice ages which means there is no accurate reference to compare with global warming. The true effects of modern day climate change is relatively unknown. Many people believe animals and plants can adapt to modern day climate change because they did so during the Ice Age. However, adaptation is not possible since these changes are happening too quick. Since adaptation is a slow process, animals and plants are at a risk because the rate of modern day climate change in too fast. It is predicted that climate change will be responsible for the extinction of 35% of animal and plant species by 2050. Change in climate would have detrimental effects on today's massive population, especially because food sources will dwindle rapidly. Just because humans have survived past extreme climate changes, this doesn’t imply that the changes occurring today can be withstood. Without a previous event of global warming to work off of, humans are facing a new problem and are very much at risk.

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Contributed by: Blake Zucco, Anthony Ferrara, Drew Lepre

Last modified: 22 October 2018