Title of Your Reaction Paper

Subtitle about what this reaction paper is about, if not apparent from Title

Identification of the item you are reacting to should be placed up at top. The exact style will vary on the nature of the item. Here is a set of examples; if your item doesn't match these, please consult with the faculty for some other options:

If a talk (either on campus or off):
Name of presenter. Date of presentation. "Title of talk". Name of talk series (if any). Location of presentation.

If a paper from a technical journal, a book, or similar item, use the official SGC bibliographic style. Here are some examples:

First author's last name, Initial of first (and additional) name., Initial of second author's first (and additional) name, second author's last name, and initial of final author's first (and additional) name, final author's last name. Year. Title of article [with a direct hotlink to the online version; note that there are no quotes around the technical article name!]. Journal name Volume number: first page-last page. DOI number (standard for all online papers).

Authors [as per papers]. Date. Title of Book. [additionally, if part of a series: Name of Series Volume Number] Publisher; City of Publication. Total number of pages pp.

News article:
Author's last name, Initial of first name. [If no name listed, use "Anonymous"]. day month year [or just month and year if it is a monthly magazine]. "Title of article [with a direct hotlink to the online version]". Name of Magazine, Page number (if available). Accessed day month year.

Blog essay:
Author's last name, Initial of first name. day month, year. "Title of essay[with a direct hotlink to the online version]". Name of Blog. Accessed day month year.

Stand alone documentary:
Title of documentary. Date of creation. Studio of production or name of creator.

Documentary which is part of a series:
"Title of documentary." Date of creation. Name of series. Studio of production or name of creator.

Since you will be doing multiple reaction papers by the end of your time in SGC, you'll want to rename this file. You might name it after the item to which you are reacting, or the semester, or just "reaction1.html", "reaction2.html", etc.

"Reaction papers" are reports that would address both a summary of the material encountered as well as your thoughts and comments on this material and how it relates to related matter you may have encountered (in colloquium, other classes, etc.) Reaction papers require you to show insight into the matters concerned, not a simple retelling of what was there nor your "feelings" about it.

Your reports have to be factually correct, and free from spelling and grammatical errors. Furthermore, you must use proper technical grammar. After all, your are in the University now, and are getting credit for this. Also, by being up on the web, people from all over the planet (including your family!!) can see this; you'll want to make certain that you are presenting yourself as an educated individual.

We would really like to see some original synthesis on your part. We're not talking about some deep philosophical tracts or profound poetry or the like (although if you are so inspired, we're not going to stop you!) What we want to see is that you are able to make connections between your reading or experience and your other classwork and readings (with SGC colloquia and other classes, too.) Also, you can use this opportunity to show that you are a critical observer: if there are aspects about the reading or experience which you felt were particularly effective (or, alternatively, which you think might be better presented in some other way), please feel free to write about that.

You need to provide a critique of the item to which you are reacting. If you didn't like it, explain why. If you did like it, you also have to explain why, and explain how it could be improved to be even more effective. If you think it was absolutely perfect, you STILL have to justify why: explain in particulars how its different aspects could not be improved.

So, to review, here are the requirements:

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