Erin Cunningham


I am currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Maryland Seismology Laboratory with advisor Dr. Vedran Lekic. My research focuses on understanding the origin, composition, structure, and stability of the continental lithosphere (which consists of the crust and uppermost mantle). You can read more about my current research interests on the research page of this website and more about UMD Seismology Lab and related research projects on the lab's home page.


I received a Bachelor's of Science in Geology from Tulane University in 2013 with a minor in Physics. At Tulane my research focused on experimental sedimentology, specifically working on quantification of grain size distribution within submarine channels.


When I am not doing research, I enjoy brewing beer, coaching swimming, and (of course) hiking/camping around the nearby Appalachian trail.





Erin Cunningham       •            PhD Candidate  Geology Department University of Maryland - College Park          •