Section: 0101
Spring, 2010
J. M. Patterson 3201

Lecturer: John Merck
Office: Centreville 1218 (call 5-2808 to get access)
Office Hours: Thursday, 3:00 - 5:00
Phone: 301-405-2808



Lectures: J. M. Patterson 3201
Time: MWF 1:00 - 1:50

Text: Marshak, Stephen. 2009. Essentials of Geology - Third Edition, W. W. Norton & Co., NY. ISBN: 978-0-3-9393238-6.

Description: A general survey of the rocks and minerals composing the earth, its surface features and the agents that form them, and the dynamic forces of plate tectonics.

CORE: This class fulfills a CORE Physical Lab Science Course requirement (PL) ONLY when taken concurrently with GEOL 110, Physical Geology Laboratory.

Labs: GEOL110 is a separate course, and attendance and grading policies are strictly up to your TA. Note: Labs begin during the week of February 1.

Class description and attendance policy: Attendance won't be taken, however lecture attendance is required. Examss will be based on lecture material and reading assignments. Posted web notes are intended as a synopsis of lecture material only. If you miss a lecture you must get full notes from a colleague.

Final grades: Your final letter grade will be based on the following elements:

Appeal of grades: You may appeal your grade on any exam prior to the posting of final course grades. In this as in all college courses, you should retained all graded items until proper grades have been recorded on your transcript.

Extra credit:

Expectations: GEOL 100 is an introductory course without college prerequisites, however it is expected that students will possess the standard knowledge expected of a high school graduate, including proficient comprehension of written and spoken English, basic algebra and chemistry, and general knowledge of world geography.

Grade calculation: With diligent work it is possible for each student to attain an A in this class. Grading will be based on points gained from the examinations listed above, as follows:

100-97% = A+ 96-94% = A 93-90% = A-
89-87% = B+ 86-84% = B 83-80% = B-
79-77% = C+ 76-74% = C 73-70% = C-
69-67% = D+ 66-64% = D 63-60% = D-
<60% = F


Lecture and exam schedule:

Date TopicReading
1-25Course introduction, the Scientific Method Box P.1 The Scientific Method, pp. 6-7
1-27Earth in the Solar System and Systems in the EarthChapter 1: sections 1.1 - 1.10
1-29Geologic time I: Relative datingChapter 10: sections 10.1 - 10.8
2-1Geologic time II: Absolute dating and magnetostratigraphyChapter 10: sections 10.7 - 10.9
2-3Earth's moving surfaceChapter 2: sections 2.1 - 2.2
2-5Snowmageddon Day I
2-5Last day of schedule adjustment
2-8Snowmageddon Day II
2-10Snowmageddon Day III
2-12OMG Snowmageddon Day IV
2-15EXAM I (Yes, it's happening unless the university closes on 2/15 - JM)
2-17Plate tectonics Chapter 2: sections 2.3 - 2.10
2-19Chemistry reviewChapter 3: sections 3.1 - 3.2, Box 3.1
2-19MineralsChapter 3: sections 3.3 - 3.6, Interlude A
2-22Rock types, the rock cycle, Igneous rocks IInterlude A, Chapter 4: sections 4.1 - 4.5
2-24Igneous rocks IIChapter 4: sections 4.6 - 4.8
2-26Volcanism Chapter 5
3-1Weathering, erosion, and soils Interlude B
3-3Sedimentary rocks IChapter 6: sections 6.1 - 6.3
3-5Depositional environmentsChapter 6: sections 6.4 - 6.5
3-5 at 5:30 PMExam review - Cambridge Community Center room 1111
3-8Metamorphic Rocks IChapter 7: sections 7.1 - 7.3
3-12Metamorphic Rocks IIChapter 7: sections 7.4 - 7.6
3-15 - 19Spring Break
3-22Seismology and earthquake hazards Chapter 8
3-24Studying the Earth's interior Interlude D
3-26Basics of Structural GeologyChapter 9
3-29Crustal deformation I
3-31Crustal deformation II
4-2Life history in 50 minutes Chapter 11: Sections 11.1 - 11.5
4-5Synopsis of Historical Geology
4-7Mass wasting Interlude E, Chapter 13
4-9The hydrologic cycle and stream processes I Interlude F
4-12Stream processes II Chapter 14
4-14Coastal geologyChapter 15
4-14 at 6:15 PM Exam review - Cambridge Community Center Rm 1111 NOTE NEW DATE AND TIME
4-16Last day to drop with a W
4-16Deep Oceans
4-21GroundwaterChapter 16
4-26Deserts and eolian processes Chapter 17
4-28Glaciers and periglacial processesChapter 18: sections 18.1 - 18.4
4-30Climate zones; global circulation
5-3Ice Ages Chapter 18: sections 18.5 - 18.8
5-2Extra Credit Field Trip to C&O Canal/Great Falls.
5-5Climate change Chapter 19
5-7Mineral and Energy resourcesChapter 12: sections 12.11 - 12.15
5-10Careers in Earth Sciences, Catch-up and review
5-123:30-5:00ish CCC 1111 Review Session
5-133:30-5:00ish CCC 1111 Review Session (That's right, I'm giving two.)
5-141:30-3:30 JMP 3201 FINAL EXAM