Natural History Specimens:

About Specimens:

Welcome to my "Specimens" index. This is something new for 2005. This contains images of things that are of geological interest but have been transported by humans and are therefore not proper parts of a landscape. Note: if an interesting rock has been turned into part of an art object or building, its image will be found in "Miscellaneous" or "Buildings" respectively. I only have a few right now but expect greatly to expand this for teaching purposes.

Finding slides: Currently all slides of specimens are housed in two notebooks in my home office. These are organized roughly geographically. Exceptions are slides of special University of Maryland events. Travel studies typically each have their own notebooks in my UMD office.

Digital images: Full-sized images captured digitally since January 2008 are archived on my work computer and my home computer. I plan to burn CDs of these real soon. Enjoy!

Last modified 1/26/2009