My research focuses on the origin and evolution of the 
continents, particularly the lower continental crust and
the underlying mantle lithosphere. Emphasis is placed
on integration of data from a wide diversity of sources,
 including petrography, petrology, major and trace 
element geochemistry, isotope geochemistry and 
geophysics. More recently I have also begun exploring
the utility of lithium isotopes in tracing crustal recycling
in the mantle.
Geol 100 (sections 0101, 0103):Introduction to Physical
Geol 100S (section 0103): Introduction to Physical Geology
Geol 445 (section 0101): Principles of Geochemistry 
In alternate fall semesters I teach Geol 489J/789J: Origin 
and Evolution of the Continents (in lieu of Geol 100) 

Geol 443 (section 0101): Igneous and Metamorphic 
Petrology (co-taught with Rich Walker) 

Current graduate students and their 
Fang-zhen Teng : Lithium isotopic composition of the 
continental crust 
Adam Mansur:  Geochemistry of the lower crust of the Mozambique Fold Belt, 
Current Undergraduate research projects
Dusty Aeiker: Distinguishing upper crustal from lower crustal granulites in the 
Mozambique Fold Belt, Tanzania, on the basis of zircon-rutile thermometry.

Jonathan James : Ore metal content of sulfides in the Ellicott 
City granodiorite