These are students - current and former - who have been involved in research in my group!

Kayleigh Harvey
PhD Student, Geology

PhD Thesis: "A tale of two melanges: A comparison of tectonic mixing and differential movement between the Catalina Schist and Rio San Juan Complex"
Will Hoover
PhD Student, Geology

PhD Thesis: "Subducting slab hydrology from a petrologic and stable isotopes perspective: A case study of the Monviso Ophiolite (Western Alps, Italy)"
Nivea Magalhaes
PhD Student, Geology

PhD Thesis: "Origin of D33S anomaly in the Rustenberg Layered Suite, Bushveld Complex"
Tyler Hicks
Geology Undergraduate

Senior Thesis: "P-T conditions and chemical changes in Monviso eclogites: Implications for fluid-rock interaction in a subduction shear zone"
Jenna Reimer
Geology Undergraduate

Senior Thesis: "Comparing metamorphic conditions of Catalina Schist rocks using zirconium-in-rutile thermometry"
Cristy Ho
Geology Undergraduate

Senior Thesis: TBD
Gwen Sullivan
BS Geology, '18

Senior Thesis: "Fluids in subduction zones: Production of jadeite in Panoche Pass"
Devin Simmons
Geology Undergraduate

Research Assistant
Justine Grabiec
BS, Geology, '17

Senior Thesis: "Insights into the formation of the Cottonwood Canyon Fault in the Catalina Schist"
Current position: Graduate student at UNC
Jessica Adams
Geology Undergraduate

Undergraduate research assistant
Leigh Roble
MS, Geology, '14

MS Thesis: "Lithium and its isotopes as a tracer of fluid flow mechanisms in the Catalina Schist "
Current position: Water Quality Specialist for the PA Department of Environmental Protection
Hollie McBride
BS, Geology, '13

Senior Thesis: "Zirconium in rutile thermometry: Temperature estimates for metamorphic rocks of the Catalina Schist"
Current employer: Gemological Institute of America
Julia Gorman
MS, Geology, '13

MS Thesis: "Highly siderophile elements as tracers of mantle-crust interactions in subduction zone metamorphic rocks"
Current position: Water Quality Specialist for the PA Department of Environmental Protection
John-Luke Henriquez
MS, Geology, '12

MS Thesis: "Tracing retrograde metamorphic fluids in a subduction zone using Li: Franciscan Complex, California"
Current position: Instructional support technician/adjunct professor at SUNY Cortland.
Natalie Sievers
BS, Geology, '13

Senior thesis: "Altered dioritic clasts in lawsonite-blueschist facies metaconglomerates: Catalina Schist, CA"

Current position: Ion probe lab manager, Virginia Tech
Greg Polley
BS, Geology, '12

Senior thesis: "A study of the multiple sulfur isotope composition of xenoliths from the Premier Kimberlite, South Africa"
Supriya Khadke
BS, Environmental Sci '10

Senior Summer Scholars Research Project: "Lithium isotope study of eclogite from the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic"
Rachel Potter
MS, Geology, '09

MS Thesis: "Diffusion of oxygen and lithium isotopes at a contact between the Bushveld Complex and metasedimentary rock: Implications for the timescale of Phepane Dome diapirism"

Current position: Staff Consultant at TechLaw, Inc.
Cory Hanson
BS, Geology, '09

Senior Honors Thesis: "Vein Related Mass Transport in the Ritter Range Roof Pendant during Late Cretaceous Contact Metamorphism
Whitney Ford
BS, Math, '10

Research project through LSAMP program: "Dehydration of Serpentinites in the Bergell contact aureole, Northern Italy"
Sarah Regen
BS, Geology, '10

Senior thesis: "Fluid-rock interactions: Lithium concentrations in minerals from a block in the Franciscan Complex, California"