"The Twelve Days of Darwin"

Lyrics by Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., to the Tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (Traditional)
Composed on 5-8 February, 2009, in honor of the Bicentennial of the Birth of Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809)

Image from http://www.orderofstnick.com/2007/11/do-atheists-celebrate-christmas.html

On the Twelfth day of Darwin my true love gave to me
Twelve speciations,
Eleven clades converging,
Ten branches diverging,
Nine variations,
Eight ancient fossils,
Seven atolls forming,
Six males displaying,
Five finch beaks,
Four mockingbirds,
Three breeds of doves,
Two tortoise shells,
And a grandeur in this view of life.

Last modified: 11 February 2009