GEOL 102 Historical Geology

Spring Semester 2021
Laboratory Policies & Schedule

Outcrop of Devonian Ridgeley Sandstone, with GEOL 102 students for scale

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, labs will be held virtually this semester. Lab projects will be provided on ELMS, and Lab assignments turned in as ELMS "quizzes" (which will occasionally include uploaded images for answers.) A short(-ish) Panopto video will be available in advance of each lab; please make certain you have watched in PRIOR to the session that week.

We will have mandatory synchronous Zoom lab meetings on 2:00-5:00 pm Eastern W; Dr. Holtz will be available to help answer questions about the lab, and if you wish you can go into Breakout Rooms to consult on your thoughts and observations. In the end, however, your answers must be your own.



Jan 27: Introduction; Overview of Policies; Prior Knowledge Survey

Feb. 3: Sedimentary Rock Classification

Feb. 10: Sedimentary Structures & Depositional Environments

Feb. 17: The Ordering of Geological Events

Feb. 24: Biostratigraphy, Geochronology, Magnetostratigraphy

Mar. 3: Physical Stratigraphy

Mar. 10: Introduction to Paleontology: Fossils and Fossilization


Mar. 24: Common Fossilizing Organisms

Mar. 31: Geologic Map Interpretation

Apr. 7: Precambrian Geology

Apr. 14: Appalachian & Other Paleozoic Geology

Apr. 21: Cordilleran Geology

Apr. 28: Post-Paleozoic Geology

May 5: Quaternary Geology and Climate Change

For a formatted printable copy of the complete syllabus, click here.

Last modified: 5 January 2021

Molds of brachiopods in the Devonian Ridgeley Sandstone