GEOL 102 Historical Geology

Spring Semester 2014
Terrestrial Sedimentary Environments

Sedimentary Environments: places and conditions under which sediment can accumulate. Often leave particular signatures, including:

In particular, we are concerned about the combinations of facies in a package of sediment. From the Latin for "face" or "appearance", facies (singular is also "facies") are the sets of characteristics (lithologies, sedimentary structures, suites of fossils, etc.) that represent a particular depositional environment. When we talk about "depositional environments", though, we often mean broad regions; in the case of facies, these can be micro-environments of very small spaces (for example, the channel of a small stream; the banks of a lake; etc.)

Paleosols - Soils

Lacustrine - Lakes

Paludal - Swamp

Glacial - Glaciers

Desert environments

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Last modified: 26 January 2014