GEOL 104 Dinosaurs: A Natural History

Fall Semester 2006
Theropoda II, Coelurosauria: Tyrant Kings and Lesser Royals

Coelurosauria includes a wide diversity of forms, including omnivores, herbivores, and birds!

Coelurosaurs are characterized by:

Coelurosaur interrelationships have been confusing, but there seems to be a growing consensus. Compsognathidae (less than 1.5 m long) and 2 m long Ornitholestes represent small basal coelurosaurs. The main clades of advanced coelurosaurs include Tyrannosauroidea, Ornithomimosauria, and the diverse Maniraptora.

Tyrannosauroidea (tyrant dinosaurs):

Ornithomimosauria (name means "bird mimic dinosaurs", but often called "ostrich mimics" or "ostrich dinosaurs" because of their general similarity to ostriches in shape and size)

Maniraptora ("hand snatchers") are characterized by:

Maniraptorans are very diverse. The major clades are:

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