GEOL 789W Phanerozoic History, Macroevolution, and Earth System Sciences

Spring Semester 2008
Reading List

Required readings in bold; additional readings in plain text. These pdfs are accessible from a University of Maryland IP address; additionally, they may be retrieved through the Journals tab of Research Port.

WEEK 1 (Jan. 29, 31)

Overview of Phanerozoic History::

Animal Phylogeny:

WEEK 2 (Feb. 5, 7)

Problems with Molecular Divergence Dates:

Deep Green: Plant Phylogeny:

WEEK 3 (Feb. 12 [Darwin's 199th Birthday!], 14)

Macroevolution and Macroecology:

WEEK 4 (Feb. 19, 21)

Multicellularity and the Garden of Ediacara:

WEEK 5 (Feb. 26, 28)

Cambrian Explosion:

Conqueror Worm: Cambrian Substrate Revolution:

WEEK 6 (March 4, 6)

Ordovician Radiation:

Late Ordovician Extinction and Recovery:

Late Devonian Extinction and Recovery:

WEEK 7 (March 11, 13)

The Colonization of Freshwater and Land (and Romer's Gap):

Rise of the Forests and Devonian-Carboniferous Environments:

WEEK 8 (March 25, 27)

Permo-Triassic Extinction(s) and Recovery:

Recovery from the Permo-Triassic Extinction:

WEEK 9 (April 1, 3)

Triassic/Jurassic Extinction and Recovery:

Mid-Mesozoic Marine Revolution:

WEEK 10 (April 8, 10)

Cretaceous/Paleogene Extinction and Recovery:

Cretaceous/Paleogene Recovery:

WEEK 11 (April 15, 17)

Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum:

Late Eocene Extinctions and Recovery:

The C3/C4 Transition and Spread of the Grasslands

WEEK 12 (April 22, 24)

Quaternary Environmental Changes and Macroevolution:

Quaternary Intercontinental Migration and Megafaunal Extinctions:

WEEK 13 (May 6, 8)

Calcite vs. Aragonite Seas:

Reefs Through Time:

Atmospheres and Evolution:

WEEK 14 (May 1)

Ecologic Evolutionary Units and Ecosystem Stability:

Mass Extinctions:

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