HONR 259C "Fearfully Great Lizards": Topics in Dinosaur Research

Fall Semester 2020
General Policies for Discussions

Detail from Henry de la Beche's 1830 cartoon "Awful Changes", featuring Professor Ichthyosaurus

Unlike a typical undergraduate University course, the Honors Seminars focus on the discussion and group examination of the class materials. Furthermore, this year we are in a situation where we are doing this discussions entirely online via Zoom. Please review the following to help be an effective participant in these events.

Technology & Software

Make certain that you obtain access to hardware (computer/tablet/phone) and a connection that allows you to communicate with the class. If you are concerned about your ability to connect remotely for this course, please consult the following information about solutions provided by the Division of Information Technology:

Every student (and instructor!) in this course should have certain proficiencies with Zoom. In particular, make certain that you know:

If you are unfamiliar with these, you might want to check out Zoom's Video Tutorials and Knowledge Base Help Center for details.
During the Session

In order to be an effective participant in this seminar, please:

By the way, if you feel like there are additions or modification to this list, bring them up with Dr. Holtz and we'll see about such changes.

Last modified: 30 July 2020