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Some useful scripts in GMT, csh, SAC, and Fortran 90 codes.

Professional Societies

Seismology Tools

  • Tomgraphy Models - A number of global shear and compressional velocity models of the Earth.
  • IRIS - the preminent seismic resource!
  • EarthScope - an array with over 2000 locations occupied across N. America.
  • SOD - for automated downloads of seismic data.
  • TauP - for travel times and ray paths in arbitrary 1-D models.
  • GMT - command line mapping and spatial analysis toolkit.
  • USGS Earthquakes - get the latest info on what quakes are happening now.
  • CMT Solutions - centroid moment tensor solution central.
  • CPT-City - a huge variety of color palettes for making beautiful figures.

Seismology Journals

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