Students & Postdocs

Visiting an EarthScope station (Q59A) in eastern Maryland.


Lynn Montgomery
Undergraduate in AOS, junior
Greenland ice shelf seismology
September 2014-present 

Robbie Burgess
Undergraduate in Geology, junior
SS Precursor studies of the LAB
February 2015-present

Graduate Students

Ernest Bell
Terrestrial Analogs for Planetary
Sept. 2015-present

Quancheng Huang
Upper mantle structure
Sept. 2015-present

Angela Marusiak
Martian Geophysics
Sept. 2015-present

Postdoctoral Scholars


Structural geology students checking out some amphibolite in western Maryland.

Andy Cai
PhD Yale University (2014)
Melt migration and lithospheric processes
October 2014-October 2015

Lauren Waszek
PhD University of Cambridge (2012)
Seismic velocity and attenuation structure of Earth's inner core
October 2015-present

Past Students & Postdocs

Bryon Kelly
Undergraduate Student
300 km discontinuity of the upper mantle
June 2010-August 2010

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