Manuscripts in Press
  • SAYLOR B.Z., KAUFMAN A.J., GROTZINGER J.P. and URBAN F., Partitioning of terminal Neoproterozoic time: Constraints from Namibia (Journal of Sedimentary Research).
  • MYROW P. and KAUFMAN A.J., A newly-discovered cap carbonate atop Varanger-aged glacial sediments in Newfoundland (Journal of Sedimentary Research).
  • KAH L.C., SHERMAN A.G., NARBONNE G.M., KNOLL A.H., and KAUFMAN A.J., d13C stratigraphy of the Proterozoic Bylot Supergroup, Baffin Island, Canada: Implications for regional lithostratigraphic correlations (Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences).
  • HAYES J.M., STRAUSS H. and KAUFMAN A.J., The abundance of 13C in marine organic matter and isotopic fractionation in the global biogeochemical cycle of carbon during the past 800 Ma (Chemical Geology).

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