Geo-neutrino Working Group Meeting at KITP Santa Barbara

Sponsered by CIDER and KITP Santa Barbara

CIDER-sponsored Geo-neutrino working group meeting

December 12-13, 2014 at Stanford University

Friday, December 12, 2014

8:30a Assemble-­‐Physics and Astrophysics Conference Room 102/103


9:00a Welcome- Giorgio Gratta

9:15a White paper overview- Rick Carlson

(6 chapters, 3-4 pages per chapter, 2 display items per chapter, unlimited refs)

Session 2- STATUS REPORTS: White paper chapters (10+5 minutes)

9:30a Bulk composition of Earth- Rick Carlson

9:45a Distribution of Th and U in Earth's interior- Bill McDonough

10:00a Distribution of heat production- Dave Stegman

10:15a Geo-dynamo power, heat flux across the CMB- Leah Ziegler

10:30a Light elements in the core and consequences- Jackie Li

10:45a Geo-neutrino experiments- Steve Dye

11:00a Interlude- Coffee at Coupa Cafe

11:20a Chapter breakout groups: discussions/writing



1:15p Neutrino geoscience with real-time modeling in the web browser- Andrew Barna

1:45p SNO+ and the network of continental geo-neutrino observatories- Mark Chen

2:45p Interlude- Coffee at Coupa Cafe

3:00p Chapter breakout groups: discussions/writing

5:00p Chapter breakout group reports (~5 minutes ea.)

DINNER: 7:00p Fuki Sushi

Saturday, December 13, 2014

9:00a Chapter breakout groups: discussions/writing


2:30p White paper chapter reports (~5 minute ea.)

3:00p Project Report to CIDER- Dave Stegman