Laurent Montési: Geodynamics

Department of Geology
Geodynamics Group

Understanding planet Earth requires a combination of observations and theoretical models to explain these observations. I am working on producing models of processes occuring in the strong outer layer of our planet: the lithosphere. I study the development of both deformation features (tectonics) and volcanic features. In particular, I am addressing how tectonic and volcanic features localized. forming narrow deformation zones and magmatic areas. My main tools are analytical and numerical models, although I strive to incorporate as many constraints from the field as possible, such as geodetic and seismicity data and the structure of actual rocks

You will find here summaries of current research projects, classes that I am teaching, list of publication, and external links to various projects I am involved in or that are directly relevant to my research. Do not hesitate to drop me a line with any comment you may have or if you might be interested in working on one of these projects.

Bathymetry of the Southwest Indian Ridge

The sponsors' corner

My research is possible thanks to the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA.