Otolith Chemistry as an Indicator of Migratory Behavior

Plot of the Sr/Ca in parallel traverses (replicates) within a stripped bass otolith (LR)
Research Overview

Sr/Ca in a variety of living materials in natural waters has been found to vary to a large degree as a function of temperature. This relationship has proven to be useful for a variety of types of studies, including the study of paleoclimate. In addition, in anadramous fish (fish that migrate from salt water toward fresh water along a salinity gradient), it has been found that salinity of the water plays a significant role in the Sr uptake in fish hard parts. Otoliths, composed of aragonitic or vateritic CaCO3, and present in most (but not all) fish, incorporate significant Sr and can easily used to infer migratory behvior of fish. For more information about otoliths, press here.

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