Studies of Analytical Problems in EPMA

Detailed analysis of some commonly used electron probe standards for REE reveal that some contain significant impurities.The LREE phosphate standards (e.g. LaPO4) contain significant lead as an impurity, whereas the HREE phosphate standards have insignificant Pb. Details can be found here: A, B, C.
Research Interests

Dr. Piccoli is interested in a wide variety of problems associated with the accurate and precise analysis of natural and synthetic materials using electron probe microanalysis (EPMA). Much of research has dealt with identifying appropriate protocol for the analysis of trace quantities of metals in natural and synthetic glasses, identification and characterization of appropriate standards for a wide variety of matricies, and acqusition of high-resolution x-ray maps. Dr. Piccoli is in charge of the EPMA in the Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis. More information about the EPMA at the university of Maryland can be found here.


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