Research Interests

Photo of sunrise at ~12,000 feet on Mt. Rainier. Much of the research that is performed by Dr. Piccoli deals with the inner-workings or plumbing of volatiles in felsic-intermediate volcanic systems and their shallow plutonic equivalents.
Research Interests

Dr.Piccoli has a wide variety of research interests in geology and other disciplines. Much of his research can be broadly described as high temperature geochemistry, but his research also includes problems in low-temperature environmental chemistry and the migratory behavior of fish. For more information about the research, click on the links below.

For additional general information about the kinds of select topics in Dr. Piccoli's research, click on the link: apatite, Brazilian HP-UHT granulites, electron probe microanalysis, otoliths, partitioning studies, textures and shallow plutonism

[Studies of Shallow Plutonism][Apatite in Igneous Systems][Microanalysis]
[UHP/UHT Granulites][Studies of Metal Partitioning][Otoliths]

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