The Plasma Mass Spectrometry Laboratory





Aridus II -- membrane desolvation system
For details visit Cetac


Apex - High-Sensitivity Inlet System, desolvation nebuliser

For details visit Apex

" The Apex IR has a quartz flow path and includes an

additional mixing chamber that further homogenizes

and stabilizes the sample aerosol stream, resulting in a

more stable signal from the ICPMS. Three MicroFlow PFA

nebulizers: 50, 100, and 300 µL/min are included with

the Apex IR. " -From Elemental Scientific


a. New Wave Research UP-213-nanometer
wavelength laser ablation unit

For details visit New Wave Products or download this pdf.

Solution Introduction Systems

Aridus -- membrane desolvation system
For details visit Cetac




A. MicroFlow PFA Nebulizer 20 and 50 µL/min ( For details visit Elemental Scientific )

B. Low flow nebulizers (For details visit GE ICP )
C. Spray chambers cyclonic




Multicollector ICP-MS Neptune Plus

For details visit Neptune Plus


Single Collector ICP-MS Element 2

For details visit Finnigan ELEMENT2








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