Geodynamics at the University of Maryland

Bathymetry of the Southwest Indian Ridge

Welcome to the homepage of the geodynamics group at the University of Maryland. We develop theoretical models of the way that the Earth works, and compare their predictions to actual observations. We are interested in particular in magma transport, plate boundary development, and earthquake generation.

We are using this website to provide information about our group and to share the resources we are developing at the University of Maryland. We share the philosophy that our work is for the common good and welcome you to use any resource you find here. We only ask that you cite the relevent papers when you communicate results that use these resources.

We hope you will enjoy your visit and contact us if you have any question or interest in our work.

Animation of 3D perspective view of Mercury’s great valley. The animation begins with Mercury’s great valley, as seen in a high incidence angle image mosaic obtained by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft, extending from the Rembrandt basin (upper right) for over 1,000 km (lower left). The image mosaic transforms into a colorized digital elevation model created from stereo images of the region. The vertical exaggeration, the difference between the vertical and horizontal scale, is increased until it reaches about 8× to emphasis the topographic relief.