Teaching Interests

As part of the course Physical Geology, a fieldtrip is offered to the Chesapeake and Ohio National Historic Monument ('Great Falls').

Dr.Piccoli has taught formal courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These courses include Physical Geology (GEOL 100), Recent Advances in Geology: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (GEOL 789) and Crustal Petrology (GEOL 646) (both co-taught with M. Brown). In addition, he routinely offers short courses on microanalysis for applications in geology, superconductivity, and engineering. While in the field, he also provides guidance to rangers in Yosemite as part of the Ranger Interpreter Program (with P. Candela and students).

For information on GEOL 100 (Physical Geology), press here .

[Studies of Shallow Plutonism][Apatite in Igneous Systems][Microanalysis]
[UHP/UHT Granulites][Studies of Metal Partitioning][Otoliths]

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