The University of Maryland is a culturally diverse community that embraces a broad range of programs, students and initiatives.

We contribute to training in and understanding of science that integrate across disciplinary boundaries and problem solving strategies by focusing on activities that support education at all levels. As a part of the University of Maryland, MDPanolab scientists are committed to providing the best possible student experience, including out-of-classroom opportunities, and living and learning environments. Scientists at MDPanolab also work to foster public understanding of science through formal University of Maryland programs and informal hosting of visitors. Team members from the UMD Panorama Laboratory participate in programs for visitors to campus at levels from individual visitors hosted by the University to more general campus programs for the public such as at Maryland Day, an annual spring open house, when ~75,000 visitors come to campus and by integratin MDPanolab activities into UMD living & learning programs, including the 2019/2020 Carillon Communities. 

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