GEOL 104 Dinosaurs: A Natural History

Fall Semester 2000

(Readings from the required textbook (Lucas) are in bold, those from the supplemental textbook (Farlow & Brett-Surman) are in italics)

Aug. 30 Introduction: What is Science? What is a dinosaur (version 1)?

Sept. 1 Labor Day - No class meeting

Sept. 4 The History of Prehistory: Dinosaur research through time
Reading: Chap. 1; Chaps. 1-5 (SKIM)

Sept. 6 Fossils and Rocks
Reading: Chap. 3; Chap. 6

Sept. 8 Deep Time: Dating the fossil record
Reading: Chap. 9

Sept. 11 Comparative Anatomy I: Principles and the skull
Reading: Appendix; Chap. 7

Sept. 13 Comparative Anatomy II: The postcranium
Reading: Appendix; Chap. 7

Sept. 15 Taxonomy
QUIZ: Comparative Anatomy
Reading: Chap. 8, pp. 92-97

Sept. 18 Evolution I: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
Reading: Chap. 2

Sept. 20 Evolution II: Patterns and Processes

Sept. 22 Systematics I
Reading: Chap. 8, pp. 97-106

Sept. 25 Systematics II
Reading: Chap. 4; Chap. 10

Sept. 27 Systematics III: What is a dinosaur (version 2)?
QUIZ: Systematics
Test I Review Sheet handed out

Sept. 29 Test Review

Oct. 2 TEST I

Oct. 4 Life on Land before the Dinosaurs
Reading: Chap. 15

Oct. 6 The Origin of Dinosauria
Reading: Chap. 16

Oct. 9 The Dinosaur Family Tree: What is a dinosaur (version 3)?
Reading: Chaps. 17, 19

Oct. 11 Thyreophora: Defense, defense, defense
Reading: Chap. 8; Chaps. 21-22

Oct. 13 Ornithopoda: Beaks, bills & crests
Reading: Chap. 7; Chap. 24

Oct. 16 Marginocephalia: That's using your head!
QUIZ: Dinosaur relationships I
Readings: Chap. 9; Chap. 23

Oct. 18 Sauropodomorpha: Size matters
Reading: Chap. 6; Chaps. 19-20

Oct. 20 Theropoda I: Dinosaurs red in tooth and claw
Reading: Chap. 5; Chap. 17

Oct. 23 Theropoda II: Tyrants, raptors, ostrich mimics, and more
Reading: Chap. 5; Chaps. 17-18

Oct. 25, 27 No lectures: watch videos during week.
During the week of October 23 - October 28, you will be required to view a set of videos on Dial Access on the 4th Floor Nonprint Media room of Hornbake Library. You will be required to turn in your answers to the take-home video quizzes on Monday October 30.
Documentary Worksheet 1
Documentary Worksheet 2

Oct. 29 Daylight Savings Time ends: Set your clocks so that you don't miss class!

Oct. 30 Archaeopteryx and the Origin of Birds I
Reading: Chap. 14

Nov. 1 Archaeopteryx and the Origin of Birds II: What is a dinosaur (version 4)?
QUIZ: Dinosaur relationships II
Reading: Chap. 14
Smithsonian Worksheet handed out

Nov. 3 Dinosaur History I: Triassic and Jurassic
Reading: Chap. 10; Chaps. 38, 40
Test II Review Sheet handed out

Nov. 6 Dinosaur History II: Cretaceous
Reading: Chap. 10; Chap. 41

Nov. 8 TEST II

Nov. 10 Dinosaur Eggs, Babies, and Growth
Reading: Chaps. 11-12; Chaps. 26, 27, 28, 30

Nov. 13 Tracking the Wild Dinosaur
Reading: Chap. 11; Chaps. 36-37

Nov. 15 Hot- or Cold-Running Dinosaurs?
Reading: Chap. 13; pp. 345-351; Chap. 32-35

Nov. 17 Hearts, Lungs, and Faces: New Approaches to Dinosaur Physiology
Reading: Chap. 13; pp. 345-351; Chap. 32-35

Nov. 20 Eat or be Eaten: Dinosaur Paleoecology
Reading: Chap. 13; pp. 345-351; Chap. 32-35

Nov. 22 Dinosaur Science in Jurassic Park and The Lost World;
Smithsonian Worksheet Due
Reading: SKIM Chap. 11

Nov. 23-26 Thanksgiving Recess: enjoy your roasted maniraptoran

Nov. 27 Dragons of the Sea and Air: Marine reptiles and pterosaurs
Reading: Chap. 39
Essay 1-3 assignment handed out

Nov. 29 In the Shadow of the Dinosaurs: The first 7/10th of mammalian history

Dec. 1 The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction I: Definitions and Dramatis Personae
Reading: Chap. 15; Chap. 42
Essay 1-3 assignment due
Essay 4-6 assignment handed out

Dec. 4 The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction II: One REALLY Bad Day!
Reading: Chap. 15; Chap. 42

Dec. 6 The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction III: Not With a Bang, But a Whimper
Reading: Chap. 15; Chap. 42

Dec. 8 The Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction IV: The Big Picture
Reading: Chap. 15; Chap. 42
Essay 4-6 assignment due
Final Exam Review Sheet handed out

Dec. 11 Dinosaurs in Popular Culture
Reading: Chap. 16; Chap. 43

Dec. 19 FINAL EXAM, PLS 1140, 10:30-12:30 am
[PLEASE NOTE: Final Schedule according to Schedule of Classes, Fall '00 Second Edition. Consult Final Edition for actual time and date, if any changes. Changes have been known to happen!]

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