HONR 259C "Fearfully Great Lizards": Topics in Dinosaur Research

Fall Semester 2017

Detail from "Albertosaurus sarcophagus, Anchiceratops ornatus, Hypacrosaurus altispinus" (1979) by Gregory S. Paul


Aug. 29 Introduction to the Course; "Fearfully Great Lizards" and the Discovery of the Dinosaurs

Aug. 31 Scientific Research Examined & the Anatomy of a Scientific Paper

Sept. 5 Doc Holtz's School of Rock: Making the Fossil Record

Sept. 7 Group Project 1: Trace Fossil Analysis, Locomotion & Feeding
DUE: Critical Review 1

Sept. 12 Comparative Anatomy, Homology & Analogy

Sept. 14 Species, Evolution & Macroevolution

Sept. 19 Phylogenetics

Sept. 21 Dinosaurs in the Tree of Life

Sept. 26 Group Project 2: Sexual Dimorphism & Display
DUE: Critical Review 2

Sept. 28 Dinosaur Diversity I: Ornithischia

Oct. 3 Dinosaur Diversity II: Sauropodomorpha

Oct. 5 Dinosaur Diversity III: Theropoda I

Oct. 10 Dinosaur Diversity IV: Theropoda II


Oct. 17 Dinosaur Locomotion

Oct. 19 Dinosaur Behavior

Oct. 24 Group Project 3: Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics
DUE: Critical Review 3

Oct. 26 Dinosaur Eggs, Babies & Ontogeny

Oct. 31 Dinosaur Physiology I

Nov. 2 Dinosaur Physiology II

Nov. 4 FIELD TRIP: Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 7 Group Project 4: Dinosaur Behavior, Growth & Physiology
DUE: Critical Review 4
DUE: Field Trip Report

Nov. 9 Denizens of the World of the Dinosaurs

Nov. 14 Cretaceous/Paleogene Extinction I

Nov. 16 Cretaceous/Paleogene Extinction II

Nov. 21 Field Work: Fossils from the Field to Museum

Nov. 23 THANKSGIVING: enjoy your roasted maniraptoran

Nov. 28 Group Project 5: The Cretaceous/Paleogene Extinction & Recovery
DUE: Critical Review 5

Nov. 30 Bringing Dinosaurs to Life: Paleoart & Molecular Paleontology

Dec. 5 Group Project 6: Documentaries & the Public Face of Dinosaur Research
DUE: Critical Review 6

Dec. 7 Fossils & the Public; Lessons from the Age of Dinosaurs

Dec. 18 (MONDAY!!) FINAL EXAM, ESJ B0320, 1:30-3:30 pm

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Last modified: 27 August 2017
Detail from "Omeisaurus tianfuensis" by Román García Mora (2013)