Jesse Kolb

IMG_2191 (1)ReReIn general, I am interested in using mathematically rigorous techniques to improve the accuracy of seismological methods and better quantify the associated uncertainties. I believe that by meticulously reviewing current methods and their underlying assumptions we can improve our understanding of our results.

I am currently working on a new method for deconvolution which uses a Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm in order to better ascertain a full ensemble of possible solutions for converted-wave receiver functions. Additionally, I am working on methods to better determine both P-wave and S-wave velocity structure. I hope that in the future such methods will allow seismologists to more effectively image structure as well as assign probabilities to their possible interpretations.

Starting in Fall 2013, Jess has been pursuing a degree in geophysics at the University of Calgary Consortium for Research in Elastic Wave Exploration Seismology (CREWES). Good luck Jesse!