Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Time-frame:
We have not yet set a deadline for data submission; decision on time-frames set by the Reference Dataset Working Group will be announced to the community though standard mailing lists and our website (rem3d). It will be best if you start contributing the observations at your earliest convenience so that we can reconcile and cross-validate them against other data sets already available with us; this procedure can take time but is necessary before a subset or the whole of your compilation is incorporated into the Reference Seismic Dataset. You are welcome to wait until the relevant paper is accepted so that it accompanies the contribution.
(2) Data Format:
It is difficult to set a standard data format due to different measurement techniques and tools used by seismologists. We have described metadata in the solicitation e-mail required for us to start processing a contribution; you can attach manuscripts or notes with additional details and we will get back to you with questions we might have. Since you will be contributing surface-wave data sets, the ASCII format described by Göran Ekström, may provide some context on the fields typically used in our analyses. You should, however, feel free to contribute in any reasonable format and we will work with you to translate it.
(3) Raw vs. Processed data:
We are currently soliciting measurements obtained from waveforms (i.e. body wave travel times, surface wave dispersion and normal modes), along with values and procedure for corrections that may have been applied (read more). There are not yet any concrete plans to solicit crustal thicknesses and other interpreted data for potential use in the modeling and inversion phase of the project. We will keep you updated on if and when such contributions become incorporated into the REM-3D project.
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