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Student Theses

M.S. Dissertations:

Zachary Reeves (M.S. 2014): Constraining Lithospheric Structure across the Continental Borderland using Receiver Functions

Anthony Mautino (M.S. 2016): Inverse Spectral Methods in Acoustic Normal Mode Velocimetry of High Reynolds Number Spherical Couette Flows

Phillip Goodling (M.S. 2018): Seismic Observations of Fluvial Energy Dissipation,

Ph.D. Dissertations:

Chao Gao (Ph.D. 2019): Structure of Continental Lithosphere from Transdimensional Bayesian Inversion of Surface Waves and Receiver Functions,

Erin Cunningham (Ph.D. 2019): The Sediment and Crustal Structure of the Southeastern United States,

Kristel Izquierdo (Ph.D. 2020): Inference of Mass Anomalies in Planetary Interiors Using a Bayesian Global Gravity Field Inversion,

Karen Pearson (Ph.D. 2021): Analyzing Time-Varying Seismicity and Aftershock Behavior in Central and Eastern United States,

B.S. undergraduate thesis as part of Geology capstone GEOL393/394 course:

Sutton Chiorini (B.S. 2016): Characterizing Seismic Swarm Morphology,

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