Reference Model of LLSVP Morphology

Using depth-dependent clustering analysis of global Vs and Vp tomographic models, we have constructed a new reference model for LLSVP shape and volume. We obtain new, much larger estimates of the volume/mass occupied by LLSVPs—8.0 % ±0.9 (μ ± 1σ) of whole mantle volume and 9.1 % ±1.0 (μ ± 1σ) of whole mantle mass.  We also identify a number of new candidate mesoscale structures, suggesting that the archetype of this new kind of lowermost mantle structure is not unique to the archetypal Perm Anomaly. This work was done in collaboration with Sanne Cottaar at Cambridge University.

You can read more about this work here: Cottaar_Lekic_2016

The supplementary information: Supporting_Information_CottaarLekic2016

Downloadable model files for both Vp- and Vs-based clustering models: Morphology_Models_CottaarLekic2016