Associate Professor Nicholas Schmerr Helped Develop Lunar Instrument Chosen for Upcoming NASA Artemis Mission

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UMD Geology Ph.D. Student Sourabh Shubham Helps Discover Giant Volcano on Mars

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The Moon is Shrinking, Causing Landslides and Instability in Lunar South Pole

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A History Hidden From View: Geology Students Search for Early Gravesite of Historic African American Church

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UMD Astronomer Helps Take a Closer Look at ‘Dinky’ Asteroid

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Faculty and Student Awards

Graduate Student Tytrice Faison received an Honorable Mention for her presentation at the campus-wide Three-Minute Thesis competition. Her talk was titled "UMD: Unravel Meteoritic Dating".

  • Graduate Student Elaine Jaross been selected to receive an Outstanding Student Presentation Award for her presentation at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
  • Graduate Student Benjamin Moyer has been selected to receive a Computational Science Graduate Fellowship from the U.S. Department of Energy. read more...
  • Graduate students Sumedha Desikamani, Lucas Andrews, and Cosmo Varah-Sikes have been awarded "Future Investigator in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology" (FINESST) grants.
  • UMD alum Chris Yakymchuk (Ph.D. 2014) has been awarded the 2024 Early Geological Career Award from the Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology and Volcanology Division of the Geological Society of America. read more...

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