UMD Geology Code of Conduct

In accord with the mission and values of the University of Maryland, the University Senate, and the Department of Geology (GEOL), and with the ethical codes of conduct of the American Geophysical Union and the Geological Society of America, we aspire to a culture of respect, inclusion and equity among students, faculty, staff, administration and participants in any GEOL-sponsored programs and activities, on campus, in the field and in meetings (UMN EES Code of Conduct, 2019).

We will not discriminate against, harass, sexually harass, bully, or engage in retaliation against others. When we support everyone, we enhance excellence in our research, teaching, outreach and service activities and in our community through open exchange of ideas, views, and experiences (UMN EES DEI, 2021).

Our aspirations are directly copied, restated, digested and/or revised from the GSA code of conduct, and include:

  • An inclusive community:
    • We listen to others’ points of view, seek to understand them, and conduct ourselves in a professional manner;
    • We treat each other respectfully, and provide a safe, supportive environment to encourage learning and professional development;
  • High professional standards of conduct:
    • We will use legitimate, unbiased and transparent criteria when making decisions and taking actions that affect the work, educational, and/or professional opportunities of students, colleagues, and other professional contacts;
    • We will proactively disclose any real or perceived conflicts of interest that reasonably could make someone question our judgment, honesty, or objectivity to the appropriate stakeholders;
    • We will responsibly conduct sampling activities in our research and archive samples and data to preserve Earth’s geoheritage for future generations;
    • We will conduct research in an ethical manner, mindful to avoid bias and promote transparency;
    • We will give full and proper credit to the creativity, ideas, contributions, and work performed by others;
    • We will cooperate with other researchers to ensure rapid interchange and dissemination of knowledge in the geosciences;
    • We will protect confidential, proprietary and/or restricted access data entrusted to us in our professional capacity;
  • Outreach and service:
    • We will communicate with clarity, accuracy and precision;
    • We will demonstrate the relevance and importance of the geosciences to the general public and to future generations;
    • We will disseminate knowledge about Earth to protect the environment and provide appropriate stewardship of natural resources;
    • We will conduct such activities in an inclusive manner;
  • Governance:
    • We will promote diversity when governing ourselves, organizing committees, panels, workshops, colloquia and seminars, and developing initiatives;
    • We will hold ourselves to University expectations and responsibilities;
    • We will cooperate to the best of our ability if asked to take part in an investigation of an allegation of a Code violation;
    • We will periodically review, revise and update this Code of Conduct;

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* Last updated: 5/21/2021